Atsugi Youth Club (Atsugi-kai)

The Atsugi youth international exchange club is the international exchange circle which is working focusing on Kanagawa Prefecture. We want to alternate together with the direction of the foreign country which is present in Japan. Since the Atsugi-kai is performing the open event focusing on the hike, please participate by all means!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ookusu hike.

We went for Mt.Ookusu hiking on June 5,2005.
A participant is 20 people including participation 9 from Thailand, Spain, Macao.
Because it was the time of the rainy season, rain prepared for a plan of
a rainy day for worry, but, fortunately, became weather!

There is Mt.Ookusu in right in the heart of of Miura Peninsula. Meters above the sea level 234 meters and a rest are not high, but, from an observatory of top, can enjoy the prospects of 360 degrees such as Sagami gulf or Boso Peninsula.

We go down a train and enter a mountain path soon, and I appear in a road once on the way, but, as for this season, green is the end somehow. When break a sweat properly on foot for two hours while speak it in dark green, light green, the green that do it, and bring upon, and doing it, and it "is quite hard, hey", breath becomes rough || to top.

We place ourselves in the large grass in a forest, and it is a lunch and a time of interchange after having enjoyed the prospects. Refreshing wind blows and falls out, and natural delicious air is full. When it will "describe a menu of a meal of last night in a painting", it is all genuine sword to drawing paper handed to the staff! From a luxurious thing, write it, and there are Chinese tea and snacks courses of French food full-course meal or Chinese food to udon and a saying simple thing in various ways and is surprised. An explanation - - question jumps over one's picture, and worth, a story bound.

As for withdrawing, a swamp along ravine is downhill. Become it by rain of a day before it, and a road is slippery in a muddy state || is slippery, and is a descent from a mountain も, all the members in spite of being "Yeah!" and a cry safely. About half of hot spring applicant sweated in vast Kusu hot spring. Participation, they were immediate after this, and we seemed to disperse, and there were many "hot spring first" people, and five trainees from a sea bream told each training former various countries party that it "was it in a good memory" with a smile.


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