Atsugi Youth Club (Atsugi-kai)

The Atsugi youth international exchange club is the international exchange circle which is working focusing on Kanagawa Prefecture. We want to alternate together with the direction of the foreign country which is present in Japan. Since the Atsugi-kai is performing the open event focusing on the hike, please participate by all means!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Let's go cherry blossom viewing!

Already immediately spring the shank!
It will go to Hanami!
This year, it was chosen to also the place of interest 100 selections of the Kanagawa flower, "the Koubou mountain park".
You walk the Sakura being full.
The applicant in the return entrance increases in the hot spring(1000 YEN)

Everybody come and join us!

Day and time: 2007 March 25th (day)
Gathering: 9: 30 Odakyu line Hadano station
examination of tickets ago from Yokohama
it changes to the Odakyu line with approximately 1 hour Sotetsu Ebina stations.
Participation expense: 500 Yen (insurance other things)
Ccost of the hot spring is another 1000 Yen
the baggage: The lunch, the beverage and the rag, Towel, rainwear


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

3/11 International Tea Salon

While interchange of the foreign register citizen and the citizen drinking the tea in purpose, chat and the game, in addition, while inquiring about musical instrument performance, being taught foreign culture the time, it deepens understanding to the foreign register citizen and different culture.

Day: 2007/03/11 (day) 14:00 - 16:00
Place: Labor Welfare Center 3 floor, Meeting Room

Address: Asahicho 2-4-18, Atsugi
From: HonAtsugi station
Fee: \100-

Saturday, February 10, 2007

2/11 International Tea Party

14:00-16:00 on Feb 11, 2007.
Atsugi labor welfare center.
2-4-18, Asahi-cho, Atsugi-shi

The exchange meeting of a foreign family register citizen and a citizen. Please give 100 yen (or one tea-biscuits contributing) on the day to the hall direct revitalization.

Atsugi International Peace Festival 2007

An event to enjoy music and dance of the world including Japanese speech by foreign residents and so on.

February 10, 2007 13:00~16:30

Atsugi city Bunkakaikan, Small Hall and underground Exhibition Room


Atsugi International Peace Festival 2007

Monday, November 13, 2006

11/19 Takao mountain hiking

November 19th (day) it goes to the Takao mountain.
It was the schedule which goes to the spring, but because of the rain it became the discontinuance. Takao as for mountain, rich nature fullest capacity! Therefore, going to whichever season, it can enjoy. Fall also the tinted autumn leaves of the seasonal Takao mountain of the tinted autumn leaves are certainly splendid, probably will be! The return rides the cable car.(The person who is not self-confidence in the foot going may ride the cable car, is)

Day and time: 2006 November 19th (day)
Gathering: Keio line "Takao Yamaguchi" station tickets
Fee: 500 Yen (insurance other things)
Baggage: The lunch, the beverage and the rag (as for the rainwear it has) be sure to

Apply: Name, Country, Tel or E-mail, Until November 15th, please communicate to description below.

NPO Chikyu-Gakko