Atsugi Youth Club (Atsugi-kai)

The Atsugi youth international exchange club is the international exchange circle which is working focusing on Kanagawa Prefecture. We want to alternate together with the direction of the foreign country which is present in Japan. Since the Atsugi-kai is performing the open event focusing on the hike, please participate by all means!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Cherry Blossom in Yokohama

Spring and Sakura have come!
After all Japanese spring sees cherry blossoms! !
Let's go to see cherry blossom party this year! ! !
This event will collaborate with NPO Chikyu Gakko.

[a set place and time]
Maioka Station wicket (Yokohama municipal management)
10:00, Apr. 10 (Sun).

[participation costs]
500 yen with a drink!

[a belonging]
A lunch, drink, a carpet (a seat to sit down), arrival at protection against the cold .Please come with the shoes which are easy to walk.

[it is important]
Please offer participation by a direct application comment of this event. Deadline is Apr. 9 (Sat). In the case of raining it out, I notify a bulletin board by the morning of the day 8:00AM. To "Maioka" station, please get on "Shonandai" going from Yokohama Station of Yokohama municipal management subway.


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