Atsugi Youth Club (Atsugi-kai)

The Atsugi youth international exchange club is the international exchange circle which is working focusing on Kanagawa Prefecture. We want to alternate together with the direction of the foreign country which is present in Japan. Since the Atsugi-kai is performing the open event focusing on the hike, please participate by all means!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

05'n Ooyama new year hike

Keep him waiting.
The plan of the Ooyama hike is announced.
Come by all means!

[05'n Ooyama new year hike]

time: Sat., January 8, 2005
place: Tanzawa-Oyama

meeting-time: 10:00AM. on Sat., January 8, 2005,
meet place: the Odakyu Isehara station north entrance
property: lunch, and the shoes, the plastic sheeting, and cold prevent cloth!!
expense: transportation-expenses + hot spring of 1000 yen

It will be profit, you use Odakyu Tanzawa & Ooyama free A pass are purchased in advance. if it is the Shinjuku station 2140 yen (usually 2930 yen).

Isehara station -> (bus) -> (Ooyama cable car) -> Ooyama shrine -> (mountain climbing) -> Ooyama shrine top (lunch) -> lookout platform -> Himukai Shrine->(bus) -> Isehara station -> Tsurumaki-onsen bath
End of tour: 17-18:00

It is free participation. A prior application is unnecessary. However, since it will leave at 10:20, please gather by the time. The arrival after it is not concerned at all on our side. Since marks, such as a cellular phone, are not placed on the day, please ask by each one.

Enjoy with interculture!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mail Magazine Confirmation.

If you want the mail magazine from Atsugikai,
you have better register your mail forward MINIMAG corp.
And the mail will come to your adress for your confirmation.
Like this in Japanese...

Title: ミニまぐ登録受付







And you have better click...
to confirm the reader of magazine.

Well this is translated in English.

Title: Register for MINIMAG


ID:M0037645 [Atsugikai] mail magazine will be confirmed by clicking...
And the register will be finished。

EZweb, PHS, if you can't click, your reply of the mail will be helpful
for the register finished.

\\\If this mail you haven't known, please delete this mail\\\
Your Ip


The 13th international sport exchange meeting

We introduce The city-sponsored international exchange event of Atsugi-shi.

[The 13th international sport exchange meeting]

Exchange with the foreigner who led the sport

time: 12:00p.m. on February 27, 2005-5:00 p.m.
place: Higashi-cho, Atsugi-shi sports center participating
expense: free
deadline: undecidedness (city public relations magazine No 1/15 public presentation schedule and application January)
inquiry: Atsugi city office wide area aid policy division (046-225-2050)

The Atsugi youth international exchange meeting-sponsored event
is considering Sat., January 8 as the schedule.
The contents are the Ooyama new year hikes.
I notify for details again.

Atsugi-kai Participations

[Participating conditions]
1. Management member Those who are his 10's, 20's, 30's,
and can be frequently gone to the Hon'atsugi station.
Direction which participated in member limitation once or more after the open event.
2. General member
It does not limit especially.

3. Foreign member
The participation from a foreign country is a large welcome.

Premised participation refuses encounter and the NAMPA purpose. I refuse participation of profit, religion, and the political purpose. As soon as the direction which cannot keep its promise is found, it becomes compulsive withdrawal from the membership. The promise is provided so that the participant in the Atsugi meeting can enjoy international exchange in comfort.


Please mail to contact us. And we will send you the details for Intercultural Informations. Of course it's OK to participate the International tea Salon in Atsugi.

Atsugi-kai Schedule

An event is fundamentally performed to the following schedules.
In addition, please confirm a detailed schedule by the web page.

[Schedule Yearly]
January: The Daisen first-visit-in-the-year-to-a-shrine hike
February: Hakone YUNESSAN tour [MEMBER ONLY]
March: Dairy experience barbecue [MEMBER ONLY]
April: Hadano cherry-blossom-viewing hike
May: Chofu Brazil BBQ[MEMBER ONLY]
June: Sports meet [MEMBER ONLY]
July: Miurakaigan hike
August: The Atsugi fireworks display tour
September: Nothing
October: Autumnal-leaves travel (around Kamikochi and Norikura) [MEMBER ONLY]
November: Nanasawa Onsen hike
December: Year-end party [MEMBER ONLY]

* Only the Atsugi-kai members and the ChikyuGakko members are possible for participation on [MEMBER ONLY]!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

About Atsugi-kai

The Atsugi Youth International Exchange "The Atsugi-kai"

It is the international exchange circle with which the teens and twenties participate on Atsugi city. Of course from Ebina, Hiratsuka, Isehara, Hadano, Matsuda, Odawara, Ayase, Yamato, Chigasaki, Fujisawa, Sagamihara, Machida, it can participate also. No problem in English and Japanese!

Fundamentally 1 day meeting of Saturday or Sunday per month in the Atsugi Young Community Center. And if it rises at a narration in a meeting, a hike, barbecue, HANABI, and sightseeing tour will be planned by you.

Why is it Atsugi?

In the international exchange of Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Fujisawa are well said to be strong. This is because international exchange is active as a familiar place. Then, although Atsugi went how it was to the young community ? In Atsugi has only a university circle grade. The rest is working in a place like a Japanese comunity. The activity which took hold on the community across the university and the school is important. We want friends that do and are similarly with Japanese, also in ? Atsugi has mountains and rivers considering the near merit of the location which carries out and can go to Yokohama, Tokyo or Hakone. So the Atsugi Youth International Exchange Circle, the Atsugi-kai, was started for short.